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he rise of the internet means that your company can now reach a vast number of potential customers, and online video is fast becoming the best way to do this. Youtube is now the world’s second largest search engine and the ability to post video to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter means that you can get your message directly to your followers. Using videos online lets you increase your audience and target your message to your existing customers. And having video on your website can help improve your ratings on other search engines!

Web videos are great for introducing your company, demonstrating your products and services, promoting a brand image and offering help and support to your customers.

Case Study : Crafter’s Companion TV

We produced an online brand for the company to unify the look of their web video presence. Under this branding we produce hundreds of videos for a variety of uses.

  • Demonstration videos targeted to specific product launches to let customers get the most from their products
  • Videos for email campaigns to announce product launches and time-sensitive offers to their subscribing customers
  • Video tutorials linked to crafting CD-Roms accessible only to purchasers, adding value to the product.